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Houston, Texas: A Day in the Bark

Ellie poses for a photo.

One of the possible names for this blog was going to be Pata de Perro, a saying in Spanish that literally means “Dog’s Paw” and refers to somebody who travels a lot.  But as with most good names, it was already taken long before I thought of it, by, among other websites, a dog grooming company and a bilingual site about travel within Mexico.

Besides, I didn’t really have the necessary equipment to make a good Pata de Perro travel blog, since, ideally, a blog with such a name would be about traveling the world with one’s dog.  I know a fun, usually sane, travel-loving dog named Ellie, and if I could borrow Ellie, take her around the world, and post a photograph of her in every location, I’d have the makings of a fun blog.  Since Ellie is very attached to her human family, I had to suffice by accompanying Ellie and her human mom on an afternoon trip to the Millie Bush Bark Park in Houston, Texas.

Where to: Millie Bush Bark Park, Houston, Texas, USA

When: February 2011

The pedometer says: 4,000 steps in many small loops around the park with Ellie; 14,000 steps on a walk down the nearby woods trails.

Can flush toilet paper? No- the park comes equipped with many plastic baggies and trash cans for your poop-scooping needs.

Lowlight: When other people don’t clean up after their dogs.

Highlight: People-watching for the humans, and dog-sniffing for Ellie.